... aka TTTTMS, aka IVTMS, aka 4TMS is my duo with Sideshow Stephen, aka Cyjoe. We play mainly Cyjoe's songs, but we also like to dig deep in to the treasure of long forgotten gems from the past of folk, country and the blues.

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"La Maison Du Diable", released in 2017, is our first release since our debut in 2007. As you can see, we're resistant to time pressure, which is only natural when we aim for truly timeless songs. The 45rpm EP contains two songs. Besides the mentioned title on side A you find "Bones In A Steelcage" on side B. Both songs fail in cheering you up. Instead they can be a guidance, should you steer for some dark places in your existence.

Checkin' out a possible arrangement for "Bones In A Steelcage". We took it a little further on the actual recording.

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