HOLM is a short piece played entirely on one Cymbal. Each of the three parts is a one take, without any overdubs
While it's predecessor was built on a single chord only, HOLM comes without such harmonic constraints. But there are birds, rain and chimney fire, which accompanied the recordings.
Low quality headphones and speakers of mobile devices will transmit only half of the sound in this piece. Just so I mentioned it.
Released October 2018
A False Triptychon Front for bc.jpg


This album is based on the concept of the triptychon, usually found in painting and sculpture. However, the implementation is a free one, like the music itself is.
I recorded the guitar in Norway, on the shoreline of the Hardanger Fjord, in May 2016. I played into two different amps without any overdubs. Bevorehand I recorded the low frequencies in Switzerland, using manipulated natural sounds found in drums and cymbals. When I recorded the guitar, I didn't had these sounds in my ear, but in my head.
Don't turn up the volume in the quiet parts. Your ears could get damaged in the louder parts.

Released February 2017

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